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Precious Gems




Topaz likes palling around with her siblings and she is a big fan of toys (especially squeaky ones and balls), we have a feeling she's going to be great at fetch once she's big enough to fit a tennis ball in her mouth! 

Because of her breed combination we are looking for a family in a house with a yard for her. This is an extremely energetic and smart breed (which means they require both mental and physical stimulation to avoid unwanted behaviors), training classes are HIGHLY suggested while she is a puppy!




Mollie was brought into the vet clinic we use after being attacked by another dog in her home. Bloody and in incredible pain, Mollie laid there on the table while her owners made the decision to let her go. Her owners were panicked and could not afford treatment for her, so their only course of action was to euthanize. We were notified and offered our help and they decided to surrender to our care.

Mollie's first night at the hospital was spent getting her fluids on board and making sure the swelling got under control. Once she was stable we knew she needed surgery. The following day Mollie went under for  an extensive 4 hour surgery of stitches and drains. 



 Today we are seeing a different dog. She's been given time to heal from the trauma and so so much love, just what the doctor called for! 

This 3-year-old BassiPoo (Basset hound, Poodle mix) is ready to start her next adventure!

She loves her person and will be the best shadow ever. She has been in foster around small and large dogs, Cats, Older children and has been around lots of people. One of the best snugglers in town she is sure to bring light and joy into your world! Some wear their heart on their sleeve, she wears hers on her forehead <3 

The Cat Corner



 Sylvia and her litter mates came to us from a hoarding situation in  Winnemucca. The lovely folks from Cat Commandos were able to save them and bring them to us! She's fluffy and appreciates you petting her. She enjoys snuggles and watching the birds from the safety of the window. 



 Heidi came to us from a hoarding situation in Winnemucca. The lovely folks from Cat Commandos were able to save her and bring her to us! She loves cuddling under the blanket and we joke that she's a little purrito.  She's sweet and will snuggle with you all night. 



 Oliver came to us from a hoarding situation in Winnemucca. The lovely folks from Cat Commandos were able to save him and bring him to us! He  loves playing with toys and gardening. However, butt scratches and belly rubs are his favorite thing! 


Come back soon to see if we have anymore Small-N-Fluffy Critters


We do take in small critters like rabbits, chinchillas, and even a ferret here and there. So please check back with us if your searching for one.

Also, Petfinder.com has lots of options and resources on where to find your next fur-ever friend.

Adoption Application

Application (pdf)


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Adoption Application

Application (pdf)


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