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 Looking for a buddy to binge your favorite shows with? Katie’s got your back (or more likely, your lap) 

Do you know what you get when you adopt a senior dog? You get a family  member that knows the rules already and appreciates life and the love  you give them. All they’re really looking for is a soft place to sleep  and a gentle hand, their exercise needs are minimal but the love they  still have left to give is at its maximum during senior years. 

Our sweet little Katie loves people, she’s ready with the kisses and is  quite affectionate. She lived with one family her whole life until  circumstances changed and she found herself homeless. She settled into  the Pawsibilities routine quickly and bounced right back, eager to love  and be loved.  

Katie (Lady Katherine of the Valley)
Chihuahua Mix, Spayed Female about 8 years young
Katie would prefer a home with other small dogs or being an only dog  (she knows she’s a princess and wouldn’t mind being your only dog to  spoil). She doesn't mind cats.

She appreciates when people take their time and are gentle with initial  meetings, after that though, you’ll have yourself a velcro dog! She  walks fantastic on a leash and literally just wants to be your shadow. 



 Meg is a super cute and normal puppy, except for one little thing. She  has Megaesophagus or ME. Most people, especially breeders, see ME as a  death sentence and put down puppies born with this genetic disorder…  however, we don’t.  

Dogs born with this disorder don’t have muscle tone in their esophagus  to move food down into their stomachs, so what must happen is they need  to sit in a special chair (called a Bailey’s chair) when they eat their  meals. When they sit upright in this chair, gravity helps move the food  into their stomach. After a brief rest in this upright position after  meals they are ready to be completely normal dogs again! 

Meg has been responding well to medication to help reduce the size of  her esophagus and increase muscle tone. She is putting on weight every  day and we are very hopeful for her and her future. Just by looking at  her and playing with her you’d never know she had a disorder, she is an  otherwise normal, spunky and goofy (almost) 12 week old German Shepherd  mix pup. 

Potential adopters must be aware of the needs of an ME dog, we will  always be your (and her) support team and will teach you our routine  with Meg. If you have any questions about Meg or ME please message us! 

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All Special needs animals will have reduced adoption fees and certain requirements for adoption.

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